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Which of your goals can we help you smash today?

Looking for help to streamline your business? Let me guess - COVID-19 wasn't on your vision board?

We get it – it wasn’t on ours either!

Does this also sound familiar?:

  • Prior to COVID-19 you already felt like you were doing.all.the.things but not getting.all.the.results
  • You feel frustrated at having to take steps backwards when things already weren’t where you wanted them to be

If that sounds like you, I highly recommend you join our Free ‘Thrive Through COVID-19’ Challenge.

It’s designed specifically to help you not just survive, but THRIVE and grow your business in 2020.

Need more customers? Check out our Free: 'Create Magnetic Marketing' Course

One of the biggest challenges all small businesses face is getting enough eye-balls on their business, and transitioning people from cold into sold.

Create Magnetic Marketing will help you:

  • Create a marketing plan that works
  • Discover your main marketing channels
  • Attract new customers to your business

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What people are saying about us


Complete the Health Check... you will thank me

Kat just gets business and entrepreneurs at a level that most would love to. Based on this high-level view she has created the Boss Health Check which allows business owners/entrepreneurs to see the gaps and from that, a solution is provided to make what may be simple changes. 
If you are operating at a profitable level and looking to grow but not sure why you’re not moving forward, then please connect with Kat, complete the test and then engage the services of this amazing mentor. 
You will thank me.” 

Terri Christine Billington  |  Founder  |  TCB Coaching

Alana Steyn

Feeling so much more positive

I recently took the BOSS Test and I was super impressed. The test is very thorough and I loved the multiple choice answering system. Taking the test was a great reflection for me and my business.
The report is detailed and provides so many great tips for me to implement. I can’t wait to start working through these!
I also had a follow up strategy session with Kat and I’ve already come away feeling so much more positive about my business. I’m clear in what I need to do going forward. Kat is so lovely to work with, and really knows her stuff!” 

Alana Steyn |  Owner |  Mud Mates

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